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The ultimate everyday carbon fiber cycling wheelset and choice of Team Dimension Data.

Road cyclists and triathletes looking to minimize the tradeoff between aerodynamics, lightweight, and stability.

Because from the moment the first prototypes made the rounds at ENVE, it?s been the house favorite. The SES 4.5 rounds out the Smart ENVE System wheel line as a true mid-depth everyday cycling race wheelset. Additionally, the SES 4.5 features a refined shape and construction that yields better acceleration, cornering, impact resistance, and weight savings.

?The ENVEs are also some of the best all-rounders we?ve ridden; they?re light, stable, and plenty fast when you ask them to be. If we had to own just one wheelset for the rest of our life, these could be it.?? aerogeeks.com?This wheelset surprised me fundamentally due to how well balanced they are and the wide range of use. You can use them for practically everything. They are very light and can be easily used for climbing. On flats, they are very aero.?? bdc-mag.com

Clincher Front Rear Wheelset
Rim Weight 477g 489g 966g
ENVE Alloy 681g 867g 1548g

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